Officials: Burglary may have led to fires

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Investigators in Boyle County say burglars ransacked a couples home there, then set several fires inside to cover their tracks.

It happened at a home on Old Springfield Rd., near Perryville. Neighbors say Harold and Helen Pike have lived in the home for a decade. They say the couple have always been thoughtful, caring neighbors. The Pikes were in Lexington at the VA Hospital for an appointment yesterday when investigators say they were robbed of guns, knives and prescription pills. Then, investigators say four fires were started in the home. Those fires were in the kitchen, living room floor, the couch and a mattress in a bedroom.

Neighbors say the couple don't know who would have done this, however it may have been someone who knew they wouldn't be home.

Investigators say they're now looking into other suspicious fires in the area to see if they could be connected.

Neighbors say they are worried about their own safety now as a result of the fire.

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