Gov. Beshear chooses Louisville mayor as running mate

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Gov. Steve Beshear announced today he has
chosen the mayor of Kentucky's largest city to be his running mate
when he seeks re-election in two years.

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson appeared with
Beshear at a news conference Monday morning in Frankfort for the
official announcement.
During the announcement, Beshear said Abramson was his first choice. Both men were optimistic about working together to provide a bright future for Kentucky.

"I am very excited about this ticket," Beshear told The Associated Press. "These are very serious times, and serious times
call for serious leaders."

The early selection allows Beshear to begin raising money for
his 2011campaign. Beshear said Abramson was his first choice and
the only person he to talked about the position.

"It's a good choice for Gov. Beshear," said University of
Louisville political scientist Laurie Rhodebeck. "But I am
surprised Mayor Abramson would accept the offer."

Abramson praised Beshear's leadership at a time of financial
difficulty, saying that helped persuade him to join the ticket.

Abramson has been the mayor of Louisville for more than 20 years and known Beshear for much longer than that.

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