KSU football players charged with robbery

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Four Kentucky State University football players are charged with robbery after a theft at a Lexington restaurant.

According to a police report, 21-year old Stephen Gilmore took the tip jar from the counter of Tolly-Ho early Saturday morning. He was confronted by employees and that's when the report says five others became involved.

21-year old Cordell Key, 23-year old Jemario Dorsey, 21-year old Nate Mills, 19-year old Jerrel Noland and 20-year old Chris Spaulding were also arrested. All were charged with 1st degree robbery.

Key, Dorsey, Mills and Noland were all members of the 2008 KSU football team. They plead not guilty in court Monday.

Their attorney, Willie E. Peale says his clients will be exonerated in the end because only one person was responsible for Saturday actions.

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