Teens learning to save for financial stability

More communities are offering programs where kids can learn about saving, working to become financially fit.

Eight year-old triplets Jacon, Benjamin, and Julia do just about everything together. The three say they're ready to open their very own saving account.

The triplets are part of a growing number of kids learning about money and fiscal responsibility.

Only three states require high school students to take a financial education course. 18 others require personal finance be taught during other subjects.

Experts say earlier financial education can prevent common money mistakes young people make.

A good idea when you consider 62% of college seniors have four or more credit cards and only 59% of 18 to 29 year olds pay their bills on time every month.

Lessons learned in a tough economy that could lead to life of financial stability. Last summer, Americans as a whole were saving on the average less than 1% of our incomes.

By spring, as the recession worsened, savings rates rose to nearly 7%, a 15 year high.

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