Police report shows he had the tools of police but wasn't an officer

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Police handed out four misdemeanors after finding a Lexington man in a SUV equipped with police lights, sirens, and scanners and that's not all.

Police also a number of weapons, a Glock 30., and Kentucky State Police issue AR-15 along with ammunition, handcuffs and a copy of the KRS violation code book.

A police report indicates University of Kentucky police stopped Kenneth Kidder on Bolivar Ave. near UK campus earlier this month.

The report also states that Police had been looking for Kidder because he'd been attempting to try and pull drivers over posing as an officer.

27NEWSFIRST attempted to speak with Kidder but he told us he had no comment.

UK Police are not commenting either, saying this is an open investigation and they still need to conduct more interviews, saying more charges could be pending.

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