Newborn injured in dog attack still in critical condition

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A newborn baby picked up and dragged out of his crib by his family's dog remains in critical condition.

Thursday morning, officials at Kentucky Children's Hospital said Alexander James Smith had been upgraded to serious condition. But they later said that was a mistake.

At a home along Beaumont Road, just outside Nicholasville, investigators say the newborn was hauled off by the neck by his family dog.

The family of 3-day-old Alexander James Smith have asked for a member of the public to adopt the dog, Dakota. Michael Smith, AJ's father, says the dog will not be returning to their home.

Smith told reporters on Tuesday that a nurse told the family little AJ will make it. He has multiple injuries, including a cracked skull and ribs and a punctured lung.

Michael Smith told 27 NEWSFIRST they had just laid AJ down to sleep in his crib for a nap, and within minutes it got quiet in the house. He said they went into the room where AJ was supposed to be sleeping and found that he was gone.

Micheal Smith said he and his wife searched for ten minutes outside before finding Dakota, the family dog, had a hold of AJ. According to the family, AJ was in bad shape, but they don't believe Dakota meant to hurt him. They say Dakota, a Native American Indian dog, has been with the family for four years, and they had recently been working to get him comfortable with the new addition to their home.
The Jessamine County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident.

The story has been getting national attention since it broke here locally. AJ's father has been doing interviews for national morning shows and news programming, addressing questions that have sparked across the country.

Michael Smith says that he has talked to the Jessamine County SAVE animal shelter, where Dakota is being held. He says hundreds of inquired about her, either wanting to save her or give her a good home. Inquiries have come in from California to Chicago. Smith says he would rather find Dakota a good home than have to put her down.

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