NTSB To Release Information From Black Boxes From Fight 5191

There's new information tonight in the investigation of Comair Flight 51-91.
27 NEWSFIRST has learned federal investigators are close to finishing their report on the crash.
The NTSB now says they will release the information from the black boxes by mid-month.
That's when investigators are expected to open the docket into the crash.
The docket will contain all of the on-scene and investigative reports.
That includes transcripts of the cockpit voice recorder. The communication between the pilots and the tower.
Investigators have said the recorded conversations between the pilots and the control tower in the minutes before the crash showed no signs of anything wrong.
Both the pilots and the tower planned for a takeoff from runway 22, the main commercial runway.
Somehow, the jet ended up on the much smaller runway 26.
The NTSB has said the pilots did notice the runway did not have lights, but continued the takeoff roll.