Local Family Against Sending More Troops To Iraq

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"He was delightful, sweet, full of life," said Geraldine Comley, the grandmother of Chase Comley.

21-year-old Chase Comley's young life was cut short in September of 2005. He was a United States Marine.

"I tried to discourage him, but he really wanted to do," said Laura Comley, Chase's aunt.

His family says they will not watch President Bush's address to the nation where he is expected to ask for 20,000 more troops to go to Iraq.

"I think sending 20,000 more troops in is like saying 20,000 more dead," Laura said.

"I think it's a mistake. I think the entire war filed early in it's inception. I'm totally against sending more boys to be slaughtered," Geraldine said.

They say they don't want to see more death of American troops.

"I think we ought to be thinking of peace not of war," Geraldine said.

"I considered Chase a hero, but he's a dead hero," Laura said.