Accused Killer Caught In Lexington

Marshals found 36-year-old Marlow Valentine at one of his former addresses this morning. He was captured by a federal fugitive task force.

The Marshals found him this morning asleep in his home on Maryland Avenue. Authorities say he gave up peacfully and did not say much.

Police say Valentine is facing murder and burglary charges for breaking into an Elm Tree Lane apartment in November, 2005.

Once there, officers say Valentine stabbed Hector Morales to death. Police arrested Valentine a few days later.

He was recently released on bond and was supposed to get an electronic device Tuesday, but never showed up to recieve the Device.
He is now unaccounted for and police consider him dangerous.

Judge Gary Payne lowered Valentine's bond to $10,000 late last month. Judge Payne told us he remembered signing the order, but did not have the documents with him so he did not know why lowered the bond.
Valentine’s attorney told us his client suffers from diabetes and mental health issues.

Matthew Boyd says Valentine was supposed to show up to receive his electronic monitor device Tuesday morning, but had to go to the hospital for a unexpected medical problem.

Boyd says his client was given and extension by the court and was supposed to go as soon as he checked out of the hospital. He had not been seen since he was released.

Boyd says he does not believe his client is on the run, he told us he fears he is confused and suffering a health problem.