Inmate captured four years after jail escape tells remarkable story

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Almost four years after he escaped while on work release, a Fayette County prisoner is back behind bars.

Johnathon Marlow was originally jailed here on drug charges. He walked away on August 18th, 2005. He was returned to jail Wednesday night after being stopped for speeding on Tates Creek Road around 9:30.

Marlow was arraigned Thursday on charges including escape, parole violation, driving without a license, and here's the clincher, identity theft, which begs the question: did he spend nearly 4 years living as someone else after stealing their identity.

In an exclusive interview with 27 NEWSFIRST, the soft spoken Kentucky native delivered a bit of a bombshell when he said, "No sir, I ain't lived as nobody else. I just got out of prison. When I walked away from that work detail here, I went straight to my home in Hazard, and believe it or not, nobody came looking for me there. They finally caught me a year later and sentenced me to 3 years. They never transported me back to Lexington, and I made parole in June of 2006."

Marlowe came back to Central Kentucky to visit his mother in Nicholasville, but on his way to her home, police pulled him over.
Lieutenant Ronald Compton says, "He did not have any identification on him when he was stopped so he gave our officers some information that ultimately turned out to be that of another individual. We have no information that he has actually used that information in the past, but at least when he was stopped last night, he did use information belonging to that individual, and that's what resulted in the charge of identity theft."

Johnathon Marlowe says, "I knew I'd get caught eventually. It's just hard to stay clean on that probation and parole. Now, I just want to serve my time and get on with my life."

A court date has been set for July 27th.

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