Natural supplement developed for animals could help humans too

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What do a famous golf pro and thoroughbred horses have in common?

A central Kentucky veterinarian has developed a natural supplement that animals, and now people, are using to keep their joints moving without the pain.

HA, or hyaluronic acid, is naturally made by all mammals. But with age and injury, there's less of it.

Central Kentucky veterinarian Scott Pierce spent years developing a HA supplement for horses and dogs. With success there, he though it may benefit humans too.

So Dr. Pierce asked golf pro Fuzzy Zoeller to try it. He suffered from joint pain that limited his practice time.

Dr. Pierce says Zoeller took HA soft gels, and in six months, won two tournaments.

Ben Oldham of Lexington knows pain. The 66-year-old has lifted heavy weights for most of his life. He was taking six Ibuprofen a day because of the pain. But he decided to replace the Ibuprofen with HA. Although he still has some pain, he says it's manageable.

"This is not an anti-inflammatory," Oldham says, "it's a joint lubricant, but it takes care of the lubrication process before the inflammation takes over. So it has really worked for me."

Dr. Pierce says because HA is something our bodies naturally make, there are no side effects from taking the supplement.

In addition to being a lubricant for the body, HA is also an anti-oxidant and carries nutrients to cartilage.

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