Emergency responders talk about saving baby dragged into woods by dog

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Emergency responders who were first on scene at a Jessamine County home Monday after a baby was snatched from his crib by the family dog, spoke to 27 NEWSFIRST about their experience.

"We heard the call, and we stepped back not realizing if it were true or not," says Jill Staggs, a Jessamine County Emergency Medical Technician. "It kind of gets your blood pumping for a little bit. It's kind of scary."

Staggs and a team of three other EMS responders say they rolled up to the Jessamine County home on Beaumont Road, responding to a type of call none of them say they've heard before. A newborn baby, Alexander James Smith, home less than 24 hours from the hospital, was found in the woods behind his home after the family dog, Dakota, dragged him out there.

"We never know what we're going to encounter each day everyday at work and some of the things we encounter are different," says Executive Director Jerry Domidion with the Jessamine County EMS.

The EMS workers say their job is especially difficult when children are involved.

"Children are innocent" says Staggs. "They haven't fully lived their life, so you want to try and help they as much as you possibly can."

After suffering from a cracked skull and collapsed lung, baby AJ's father Michael says his son has stabilized and is optimistic he'll make it through, words these emergency responders say they always hope to hear.

"It makes us feel good that maybe we did do the right thing," says Domidion.

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