Burgin Thieves Caught "Red Handed"

Davis Noel recently rented a new home in Burgin. So you can imagine his surprise when while he was moving his things in...he found another man also trying to get inside his new home!

“I said, 'Gary, what are you doing'? He said, ‘I need to get inside to get some things.’ I said, ‘buddy, you can't do that..we're living here now!” said Noel.

And little did Noel know at the time, but police say Baker's behavior inside that house was just a small part of the nightlong crime spree in this small Mercer County town also allegedly involved his wife.

“Based on Mr. Baker's past history I felt certain that he was about and about trying to steal something. He's a known thief,” said Burgin Police Chief James Caldwell.

In fact police say both Baker and his wife, Regina, were going from house to house breaking in and taking stuff. And Noel says Baker was seen trying to get into his house...several times last night.

“He was wanting in the house pretty bad I don't know if it was money or drugs or whatever,” said Noel.

Police say Baker has stolen from his own family and his friends.
And police say they know the motive.

“Mr. Baker loves dope. He was stealing money to pay for his dope,” said Chief Caldwell.

Police say neighbors called them and essentially gave them play by play descriptions of the Bakers' behavior..which led to their arrest.

“Absolutely red handed. I've got 4 eyewitnesses..2 from each burglary that saw Gary Baker who they knew was trying to break into their homes,” said Caldwell.

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