State employee indicted for selling pirated DVDs

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It's an illegal business and investigators say a state employee ran it from her office. A worker within the Cabinet for Health and Family Resources has been indicted on charges she pirated and sold hundreds of DVDs while at work.

There are plenty of movies on a list that a state employee has been emailing to co-workers.

"Between 900 and 1,000 DVDs on the listing," says Larry Cleveland, the Franklin County Commonwealth Attorney.

That list contains some movies that are already out, and others that are still in theaters.

"Someone apparently went in the theater with a handheld camera and would film the film as it's showing," says Larry Cleveland.

That of course is a crime that the Franklin County Commonwealth Attorneys Office has dealt with before.

"This is the second one I've had. The other also involved a state employee doing the same sort of thing, selling DVDs, but not to this extent," says Larry Cleveland.

Now, 52-year-old Cathy Miller of Lawrenceburg, a state employee, has been indicted for selling these movies to co-workers while on the job this past April and May.

"She had someone that was providing her with these pirated DVDs. She would contact other employees using the email system, advised she had DVDs for sale for $3 apiece and would provide them with the listing of DVDs. They would provide her with money and she would deliver them at work," says Larry Cleveland.

Nearly a dozen of Miller's state co-workers bought DVDs. They've since returned them and will not face charges. Cathy Miller is now facing a felony and misdemeanor charge for selling the DVDs and for official misdemeanor.

Larry Cleveland says Cathy Miller is expected to appear in court within the next two weeks.

We did contact Miller for her side to this story. She denied our request for an interview.

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