Thieves Target Whitley County Church

Oak Ridge Church of God has been hit three times by thieves.

“Within two weeks of one robbery they broke in and came back, got one item and we replaced the stuff,” says Pastor Dorman Patrick.

However, last weekend the church was hit again. The electric box was damaged, flower pots knocked over and electronic equipment stolen. Food wrappings and pop bottles were found on the back pew as well.

“They sat on the back seat of our church and drank soft drinks, ate potato chips and chewed bubble gum, like they were at home,” says Patrick with a chuckle.

But the fact that thousands of dollars in merchandise has been stolen over three separate burglaries within six months is no laughing matter.

Pastor Patrick also says a $1300 dollar copier was taken and a wall was damaged getting it out.

“I don't think they're very wise people,” says Deacon Larry Prewitt.”The Bible says the first sign of wisdom is the fear of God and they obviously don't fear God to break into His house and steal his stuff.”

Two doors have been replaced and locks will need fixing again.

“They can take everything we got. But they can't take what we go in our hearts,” says Patrick.