Dog survives gunshot wound

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Burnside resident Rebecca Tite is thankful her little dog "Star" is alive. The 5-month-old terrier was shot with a shotgun after he escaped from Tite's yard.

"She wasn't gone maybe three or four minutes and we heard a gun shot, and she came running down the hill covered in blood," Tite said. "Somebody had shot her."

The dog was rushed to the vet and x-rays revealed small bullet fragments scattered throughout the dog's body.

Tite said she called authorities but was told there was nothing they could do.

She was hoping the shooter would be prosecuted under a recently passed law called Romeo's Law. The law was named for a labrador which was badly beaten. The incident was caught on video tape. The law provides stiff penalties upon those who torture dogs or cats. Tite says she was told that the incident involving "Star" did not meet the standards set forth in the law.

"Star" is recovering but Tite says her vet told her to watch for any signs of infection or further damage to internal organs.

Tite says she will go to higher authorities in the state in hopes of getting something like this covered under the law.

She says she has spoken to a person she thinks was involved in the shooting of her dog but says that individual has denied any involvement.

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