Man claims stabbing was in self-defense

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47-year-old Frank Rayburn has bruises all over his face and head. He also has stitches in his lip and on his forehead. Rayburn was involved in a fight with another man near his Winchester apartment Friday night.

Rayburn told NewsFirst that he was walking along Hopkins Street on his way to Broadway liquors. He says he passed a group of people who appeared to be having a party. After making his purchase at the liquor store, Rayburn says he once again walked past the group. But this time, he says, a man started shouting derogatory remarks at him and started running towards him. Rayburn said he had no choice but to pull out his pocket knife.

Rayburn admits to stabbing 22-year-old Thomas Crutcher. He says Crutcher proceeded to attack him after getting stabbed and kicked him in the head. Rayburn was taken to Clark Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released. Meantime, Crutcher was airlifted to UK Medical Center where he is listed in fair condition.

No word yet on whether or not Crutcher will face charges related to this incident.

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