Central Kentucky home invasions linked?

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They pose as police officers, but instead of helping out, they rob you.

It's a trend in several Lexington neighborhoods, and even goes as far as Northern Kentucky..

The first of the home invasions was back on July 14th on Gatehouse Place in Lexington.

Several men armed with guns, entered the home and tied up the residents using zip ties.

Similar robberies took place last week at homes on Royal Wood Road and Liberty Road in Lexington.

In Dry Ridge, seven people were inside a home on Thursday night when two men forced their way inside the home, and tied them up. The victims say one of the suspects, was wearing a shirt with the word police on it.

Finally, a robbery with similar characteristics also took place last week in Jessamine County.

The suspects in all of the robberies were armed with guns, wore face masks, and used zip ties to restrain the victims.

If you have any information on these crimes, you're asked to call your local authorities.

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