Corbin Soldier Dies From Accident Injuries

It's still a mystery what happened on a Corbin road, just miles from Timothy Rogers' home.

“He lost control for some reason and went over to one side, came back and hit a tree,” said Kim Rogers, the soldier’s mother.

Rogers had just finished a training mission in Pennsylvania and his unit had arrived back in Somerset. Rogers was driving home when something caused the crash. His mother had just seen him on I-75.

“I told him to be careful and I'd see him when I got home. He didn't make it home,” she said.

The 19-year-old had always dreamed of being a soldier.

“He always said when he was little. That's what he wanted to do to be in the army and fight in other countries,” said Mrs. Rogers.

Rogers was in his uniform when he crashed. And his parents say since the crash happened while he was on his way home from an assignment they consider his death to be while he was in the line of duty.

After the accident he was airlifted to the University of Tennessee Hospital where he died early Monday morning.

“They did everything possible. He fought to the last second,” said his parents.

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