Coach Remembered In Spirit At Riverside Christian Basketball Game

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Their coach died in a traffic accident on New Year's Day but tonight, Coach Michael Alex was remembered in spirit at the Riverside Christian Basketball game.

There were many basketball games across the region Friday night, but for the students, parents, and teachers at Riverside Christian School, the most important was an elementary school game where a group of young boys put their entire hearts into the action in remembrance of their coach.

"Probably two or three days after the accident, I walked into the cafeteria and a couple of boys come up to me and says you know that last game we have Mr. VanSkyhawk, can we play that in memory of our coach," said Riverside Christian Principal Daniel VanSkyhawk.

To students at Riverside Christian, Michael Alex was more than just a coach. They say he was a friend and they will remember his sense of humor most.

"When I would go buy out in the hallway, he would always try to steal them," said student Austin Fugate.

"He made us run a lot and stuff but he was real funny too," said student Jordan Daniels.

"I loved him as a P.E. Teacher. He used to come to my room all the time," said student Tommy Moore.

"He taught us to always do our best in everything we do," said Daniel Smith.

The Rams squared off in their first and final game since Alex died against Magoffin County and their coaches say these boys gave it their all.

"All we really told them is to look up and he's looking down on them and he wants them to give 100%," said Coach Jimmy Neace.

"That's all Mike expected out of the boys was 100%. He was happy when they gave 100%," said Coach John Smith.

In addition to Friday night's memorial, the school plans on having a service on Thursday, January 25th beginning at 12:30 at the Riverside Christian School Gym.

Louisville Professor Jeffrey Jack also died in the crash. His wife and two daughters were injured, but we're told they continue to improve.