Police search for teens wanted in burglary

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Lexington Police are looking for four teenagers who are on the run and wanted for an early Tuesday morning burglary.

It all started when an officer tried stopping a car full of teenagers that was parked on Goodloe Street, near Race Street.

Police say the driver then drove toward the officer's cruiser.

The officer pulled out his gun and ran for cover.

No one was hurt, though, and the teens fled.

After searching their car, officers say they found home entertainment equipment stolen from a home on Michelle Park in Masterson Station.

Some of the teens left their cell phones in the car, so police think they will be able to find them.

The man who was burglarized, Gary Shanks, was not at home when the suspects broke in. He says several thousand dollars worth of electronics, jewelry and some cash were taken. He says his home was ransacked. He also says the suspect or suspects also tried to set his home on fire by turning on the stove and leving dish towels on the burners.

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