Some Business Owners On Guard After String of Robberies

Some hispanic business owners in Lexington are on guard after a string of violent robberies and attempted robberies against their stores.
The latest occured Saturday night when the owner of La Favorita had a gun pulled on him when he arrived home.
Isauro Gomez left his store around 10:00 PM and headed to his home just off Versailles near New Circle.
While standing in his driveway talking to his cousin and her young children, two masked men pulled a gun on him and demanded the money from the store.
Gomez's son says his father thought he recognized the men and said, "Hey I know you."
He says one man took off at that point.
Then, when he realized he didn't know them, he yelled to his wife who was already on the phone with police.
The other man ran off without taking anything from Mr. Gomez.