Laurel County Murder Remains Unsolved

The name Harold Reams seemingly resonates with just about everybody in the small Laurel County community of Cold Hill.

“It's just going to be hard to deal without him. He came in here almost everyday and talked to us,” says Kim Ellis of Jewell’s Grocery and Deli.

So as a way to honor the memory of the man police say was murdered in his home, Kim Ellis put a can on her counter with Ream’s name on it. People drop in money and sign their names.

“That is for flowers. We send to the family,” says Ellis.

Harold Reams was relieved of his position as county road supervisor just days before police believe he was shot and killed while sitting at his kitchen table. Whether his job loss had something to do with his death isn't known.

"I just don't know,” says Reams' cousin, Bonnie Johnson. “I don't know what he would do to anybody to have him done that way.”

Laurel County Crimestoppers says it will give a $1,000 reward to the person who helps them make an arrest. Police say information can be given anonymously.

As police returned to the crime scene Monday, Reams' friends and family say they're worried a suspect hasn't been caught.

“Just makes you afraid. I just wish they would catch whoever done it,” says Johnson

“We've got somebody around here we don't know who it is. We're afraid of now. I mean, when you come in this store. You probably waited on him,” says Ellis.