Young southern Kentucky soldier laid to rest

A sad occasion for sure, yet there was a sense of celebration Wednesday for much accomplished in a young man's life.

“It's not a rough thing. We celebrate his life. We celebrate in death. We just move on,” said Toby Trosper, Rogers’ youth minister at Poplar Grove Baptist Church in Corbin, also where the funeral took place.

19 year old Timothy Rogers died Monday from the injuries he suffered in a truck crash. The accident happened just minutes from his Knox County house when he was returning from military training.

“Since he was 12, he told me he was going to be in the military. He went and took ROTC, went to college, coming out he was going straight in the military,” said Trosper.

Much has been said about Rogers' life as a soldier. During his funeral, much was said about his faith.

In fact many say Rogers was the type who wanted to be in his church just about whenever its doors were open.

“He was a leader. He was most definitely a leader in his youth. Hate that we lost him. But God gained a warrior,” said Trosper.

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