Pilot calls for help moments before crash

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Today we're hearing what it was like for two Richmond men moments before the plane they were in went down.

Authorities say Michael Holbrook of Richmond, Kentucky was piloting a small Cessna plane on Tuesday afternoon when it went down in Woodford County on Pisgah Pike.

Both Holbrook and passenger Larry Lunsford survived the crash, but today we are getting a first hand listen of what they went through.

In a call to the Bluegrass Airport, Holbrook alerts them he has a problem.

"I have the engine in sight and my engine is starting to cut out. Is there any way I can land on runway 4?", Holbrook asks.

The pilot quickly and calmly alerts the airport of the plane's problem.

"The engine will rev up and then start to die. Right now I don't see the airport", says Holbrook.

He later alerts officials that he may end up in a field. Moments later the plane goes down.

"We're landing in a field", says Holbrook.

The airport quickly notifies another plane on the way to help find the Cessna, as 27 SKYFIRST Pilot Bill Ford and photographer Ken Harvener contact airport officials.

"The station just called. We got a car accident on I-75 and then we had a report a plane was down", SKYFIRST pilot Bill Ford says.

"4 Poppa Delta, affirmative. We think about three miles west of the airport", says an airport employee.

Moments later SKYFIRST and police arrive on the scene.

"We're trying to follow the police cars. They're zooming out here. There's probably 20 or 30 of them", Bill Ford says.

That's where they found the small plane, pilot Michael Holbrook, and passenger Larry Lunsford in the Brittany Farm field. Both survived the crash that luckily wasn't any worse.

As for the crash site, workers were on hand today repairing the fence that the plane ran into. The plane is expected to be removed Thursday afternoon from the field it is currently in.

The 1975 Cessna belongs to the Lexington Flying Club. The two men inside were on their way back from Owensboro when the plane lost power.

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