Bat bites boy inside bat-infested home

A Butler, Kentucky family will have to move out of their home until mid-August after it became infested with bats, one of which bit their son, four-year old Jordan Harris, on the neck.

A colony of little brown bats have taken up residence in the attic of the Harris family home.

The boy now has to have rabies shots and the family has to move out of their home until mid-August, while the bats are removed.

Health department officials say it's never safe to co-exist in a building with bats. But it's also bat breeding season and the bats can't be disturbed because the adult bats are needed to care for the baby bats in the attic. Without the adult bats, the babies won't follow and will die in the attic, creating a new health and environmental issue for the family.

A bat removal company says the family will have to wait until after mid-August and the service will likely cost between $650 and $3000.

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