Walmart worker saves woman in parking lot

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It was Four in the afternoon on Thursday at a relatively busy Walmart in Mt. Sterling when Lara Little was doing her shopping.

Little says she had just buckled her little girl in a car seat when she felt someone grab her shoulders, as she looked back she says a man pushed her into her own car.

Little says, "He told me to 'roll over and give me your money.'"

That's when she says she started clawing at him and screaming for help. Luckily a worker happened to hear and come by.

Little says when the Wal-Mart employee confronted the man, the man he told the worker Little was his wife.

She says the employee didn't buy the tale and confronted the man, holding him in the car until Little could get away and police could arrive.

Mt. Sterling police arrested Robert Cutcher charging him with public intoxication and robbery.

Little says she would love to thank the worker herself but doesn't know his name or how to get in touch with him.

Anyone who does know can e-mail 27NEWS FIRST at and we can make sure Little is able to personally thank the man who she says saved her.

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