Man accused of killing girlfriend, and injuring jailer, before wild chase

Three separate crime scenes, spanning two counties, and police say the same man is behind all of it.

Investigators say Bass Webb killed his girlfriend, Bryia Runiewicz, Friday morning inside their home on New Lair Road.

He's then accused of driving to the Bourbon County Detention Center, where he allegedly tried to hit two jailers with this car.

Deputy Ryan Barkley was hit, and suffered a leg injury. Pre-trial officer Josh Mason was able to miss the car and wasn't hurt.

Police say Webb then led police on a chase. It ended on U.S. 27 north of Paris, when police say Webb's car caught on fire.

At that point, police say Webb told them about the murder in Cynthiana.

Some who knew Runiewicz and Webb say the two had a difficult relationship, and had recently been arguing a lot.

Runiewicz's two young daughters were at the home when she was killed. Investigators aren't saying if they witnessed it. The children are now staying with family members.

Investigators say Runiewicz used to work at the Bourbon County Detention Center, but was recently fired for personnel misconduct. Webb was also an inmate at that facility at one time, but was released five months ago.

Webb is expected to face several charges, including murder and attempted murder.

He was taken to a hospital after being arrested for treatment of a diabetes-related ailment.

After being released from the hospital, police say he'll be taken to the Fayette County Detention Center.

Investigators released surveillance video taken from the Bourbon County Detention Center, showing what they say is Webb's car accelerating toward the two jailers, and hitting Barkley.

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