Thieves target southern Kentucky truck stop

The pattern is simple. While trucks are parked in the back lot at night, and the drivers are inside their cabs asleep, thieves are hard at work.

“And if it's easily accessible equipment, that they could get rid of quickly, they're stealing the merchandise,” says Williamsburg Public Affairs Officer Shawn Jackson.

Thieves are breaking into the backs of tractor trailers and sometimes going for big dollar items, such as big screen TV’s or audio and video equipment.

Police say they've had as many as 8 in one night at the Pilot truck stop near Exit 11 of I-75. They want to catch the bad guys and put a stop to the thievery, but they also say the crooks don't realize how dangerous their caper is.

“It would be bad if a driver ended up taking off and heading off to the road with a suspect in the back of his trailer,” said Jackson.

Police think the motive is to sell or trade the stolen items for drugs.

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