Corbin Man Hurt When He Tries To Stop Carjacking

It was an otherwise quiet Monday afternoon for Doug Wyatt who pulled into Jay's Kountry Kookin’ looking to get a quick bite to eat. However, seconds later, he saw a couple of teenagers get into his SUV. He ran outside and tried to stop it.

“The owner grabbed hold of the door and they backed out with the owner holding on to the door and it dragged him to the ground,” says Corbin Patrolman Rusty Hedrick.

The victim in this story didn't want to talk on camera, but he says he's learned his lesson as he says he's never going to chase anyone trying to steal his car ever again.

A woman inside the restaurant called police and the chase was on.

Patrolman Rusty Hedrick knew very little about the carjackers. “I just tried to stay calm and stay back because I didn't know what that vehicle, that person was going to do,” he said.

Several other police cars joined in as the chase went from Corbin along Highways 26, 3041 to Archer Street in Woodbine.

There was a crash and part of one police car ended up wedged in the Isuzu’s tire.

Police say the suspects, Nicholas Ray Jones and Adam Eric Pennington, were arrested after a foot chase.

“Yeah, evidently they were just in the area looking to steal a vehicle,” says Hedrick.

Jones and Pennington face multiple charges, which include robbery, wanton endangerment, theft, and criminal mischief.

They are spending some time now in the Whitley County Jail.