KY family biking to Alaska

A Rockcastle County family is attempting to become the first to ride a 5 person tandem bike on a 7,000 mile journey across America.

The Harrisons, Bill, his wife Amarins, and their three adorable little girls between the ages of 6 and not quite 3, have Alaska as their final destination, and yet today they were heading south.

They say they plan to hit the Southern states during the winter or fall on their journey.

The family says they live by the generosity of the people as we go along.

They have about $1,000 dollars to their name, and they're just going to see what happens.

Bill says he's always wanted to take a bicycle trip, and he's been to Alaska and says it's beautiful.

The family hopes to travel as many as 50 miles a day.

The Harrison family hopes to arrive in Alaska by next July or August depending on what adventures they encounter between here and there.