Governor Appoints Campus Safety Task Force

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"Initially it's shock and disbelief," said Gail Minger.

Minger knows what it's like to lose a child in a place where parents expect their kids to be safe, their college dorm room. Her son, Michael, died in 1998 in a fire at Murray State University.

"There are things we just believe to be safe because it's the law. But it's a deadly assumption," Minger said.

Now she wants to keep other college students safe when they go away to school as the chair of the Governor's Task Force on Campus Safety.

"This is not a result of any one issue but a result of several issues over the years," said Governor Ernie Fletcher.

The governor announced the task force at Eastern Kentucky University where students say they welcome the idea.

"Coming here is a growing up experience. So it's good to have someone looking out for them," said Heather Acuna.

"I'm sure there could be room to make things safer," said Tonya Castle.

As part of the task force they will look at how to keep residential areas safer for campuses across the state.

"Kentucky needs to step up now and that's what we're going to do," Minger said.

The task force will present their findings to the governor on July 1, 2007.