Accused murderer asks judge for European vacation

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A woman accused of murdering her husband by shooting him in the back of the head was back in court Monday.

Pam Bartley's trial had to be postponed in July because attorneys couldn't seat a jury in Montgomery County.

Investigators say Bartley killed her husband, Carl, in their Jeffersonville home in 2007.

Today, a judge ordered the trial to move to Rowan County. It will begin on December 7th and could last two weeks.

Before the hearing was over, Pam Bartley's attorneys shocked the courtroom. They asked the judge to give back Bartley's passport so she could go to Europe for a vacation. The trip was scheduled for the end of August, just weeks after her initial murder trial would have been over.

"I don't know why you would be charged with first degree murder and be able to enjoy a vacation," commented Bill Bartley, the victim's brother.

A friend of Pam Bartley's was quick to jump to her defense. Norma Shadwick said, "Yes, she did schedule a trip. But the trial was supposed to be over and when you feel innocent, why shouldn't you be able to schedule something?"

There will likely be another status hearing before the December trial date, but the judge has not scheduled that yet.

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