Father of newborn taken from crib by dog talks about bringing AJ home

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Michael Smith says it's been a roller coaster couple of weeks.

"Sometimes you sit down and think wow, we're here, we made it," Smith says.

His newborn son AJ is a true survivor, saying when he was first brought to the hospital after being dragged from the crib by the family's American Indian dog Dakota, he literally had to be brought back to life.

Now Smith has a new set of problems, ones he gladly welcomes, readjusting to life at home.

"we're allowed to make a meal, sleep in our bed, it's just joy," He says.

He still can't believe his son beat the odds going from critical condition to home in two weeks.

Smith says the global attention this story received had it's benefits, "The positive attention has been a blessing, what has got us through this."

At the same time he says he'll gladly step out of the spotlight in favor of a quiet life at home.

Home life is also a little different this time around. For one no Dakota. He says the he's finalizing a new home for the dog but didn't elaborate on who her new owners might be.

He also says he has no plans to give away his other two dogs one of which is Dakota's sister.

The family's other plans include making sure there are no more unexpected trips to the ER ever again.

"We have three layers of security between the baby and anybody."

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