Heavy rain causing problems in Montgomery County

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Drivers had a hard time getting around parts of Montgomery County Tuesday, after a round of heavy rain.

Several roads were impassible because the water is just too high.

Main Street in downtown Mount Sterling was one of the hardest hit areas. Hinkston Creek flooded, spilling over onto Main Street and causing some businesses to shutdown for the day.

People who live in that area say they haven't seen flooding this bad in several years.

Crews set up barricades around Montgomery County where the water was high.

Several roads were reported to be impassible Tuesday morning, including Highway 60, Levee Road, Hinkston Pike, and Kidwell Road.

Along Levee Road, the water came very close to the back of several homes. Officials say they haven't seen the water get so close to those homes in nearly ten years.

Steve Lane, the Public Works Director, says the city has been working with the the Corps of Engineers to come up with a solution to this flooding problem.

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