Busy day care center flooded, owner says it's a common problem

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More than one Powell County business was busy bailing out water due to flood conditions, but one business had to watch 30 children and keep the waters at bay.

The Pooh and Pals daycare center has been in operation for 11 years according to the owner, Rosemary Preston.

Preston says when she see the water rise in the ditch across the street she knows what's coming next.

Having done it before she barricaded the door with a floor mat, but the water piled up outside the door, and eventually made it's way into the building.

Preston moved all 30 of the children at the daycare to the back of the business, called their parents to pick them up, and then called 9-1-1.

No one was hurt but Preston says she's never seen it as bad as it was after Tuesday's storm.

Saying it costs hundreds to clean up after a flood, Preston says she would like to see the County step in and create a storm drain on the daycare's side of the road.

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