Scott County storm damage caused by straight line winds

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service have determined damage in Scott County, caused by Tuesday's strong storms, was the result of straight line winds, not a tornado.

The Stamping Ground community appears to be the hardest hit.

Power lines and trees were knocked down along Highway 227, forcing police to shut down that road for several hours Tuesday.

The storm also destroyed at least one barn, and heavily damaged another.

Part of the roof was blown off at the Stamping Ground Food Store. No one inside the store at the time was hurt. But the store remains closed while repairs are made.

Many people spent Wednesday morning removing tree limbs, and salvaging what they could from damaged barns.

Flooding was also a problem in parts of Scott County. Many roads were covered in high water, because of the heavy rain.

The National Weather Service says straight line winds that caused the damage ranged between 70 and 75 miles per hour.

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