Daring rescue saves animals from flood waters

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High waters still plague parts of Montgomery County. Emergency workers say they've had 51 calls for rescue in the last 24 hours, mostly because people have ignored high water signs and gotten stranded in their vehicles.

While that was the case most of the time, they say one rescue didn't leave a dry eye in one Whitaker Road home.

"He was most concerned about his dogs," explained Brandon Spencer. "When he got home from work, he was asking about them, seeing if they all made it."

Brandon Spencer says 8-10 dogs and a goat were trapped in a pen in his neighbor's back yard. He says they were all swimming, trying to stay above the rising waters.

"They were surrounded by the water," explained Chief Deputy Ottis Walters. "They were swimming. There was no dry ground for them to get to."

The two men ventured through the waist-deep water to get to the animals. All were saved thanks to their efforts.

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