SUV Slams Into Orthodontist Office

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Doctor Douglas Durbin's day started like many others. The orthodontist was treating patients at his Mt. Sterling office when things went from the norm to unforgettable. As Sharon Jones was dropping her granddaughter off for her appointment, her foot slipped because of a soda underneath the pedal. That caused her SUV to crash through the front of Dr Durbin's office.

"When the vehicle came through it sounded like a bomb. It sounded like an explosion. And all the glass exploded about 30 feet into the clinic here," said Dr. Durbin.

"As soon as I put it on the brake it slipped off. I felt it do it. I thought, Oh Lord,'" said Sharon Jones.

"I didn't know what happened til I looked out the window and then Oh we're in a building," said Jones' granddaughter, Christina Hunt.

"We had about 15 patients in here and parents," Durbin said.

Luckily no one was injured. If the waiting area had been closer to where the glass flew in it could have been much worse. Dr. Durbin had to see his afternoon appointments in Lexington because of the damage to the building.

As for the driver and her granddaughter, neither was injured when the SUV hit the building, but both were visibly shaken.

"I'm sick to my stomach. It tears me up because like I said, I wouldn't have done it for anything," Jones said.

Her granddaughter says she had planned on going back to school, but decided against it after the accident.

The owner of the building says another unit in the same complex was hit by a car last year. He estimates the damage will be around $45,000.