Reward Increased in Laurel Murder Mystery

Harold Reams was found dead in his home Saturday, but people in his community believe he was killed a week ago. There's been no arrest and no named suspects, but police hope a larger reward will bring forth a suspect.

“There's times when investigators exhaust every possible lead they have and they run into a dead end,” said Jimmy Phelps, Coordinator of Laurel County Crimestoppers.

Such is the case in the murder mystery of Harold Reams, found dead Saturday slumped over his kitchen table with a single gunshot wound in the head. On Monday Laurel County Crimestoppers offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. On Thursday, thanks to the local VFW and an unnamed person, the reward is now 12 times that much.

“Offering up to a $12,000 reward money helps motivate people to give information to authorities,” said Phelps.

Reams was once a magistrate and most recently, was Laurel County's Road Department Supervisor. Neighbors and family say he had no enemies. His death has stunned many in the community, including police.

“I know Harold Reams and his family. They're respectable, hard working people, and Harold's a well thought of person in Laurel County,” said Phelps.

As with every Crimestroppers situation, police will take your information anonymously. Police say they're expecting more donations which would increase the amount of the reward.