Murder suspect spits in Bourbon County judge's face

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After Judge Vanessa Dickson recuses herself from the Bass Webb attempted murder case, Webb responds by spitting in her face.

Bass Webb is accused of running over two jailers outside the Bourbon County jail.
The incident was caught on jail surveillance cameras.

Webb is also the one and only suspect in the murder of a Harrison County woman, Bryia Runiewicz.

He has not been charged for that crime because State Police tell us they are still working to build a strong case against Webb.

They say because of his other charge of attempted murder, they are not concerned their prime suspect is going anywhere.

Wednesday during his first court appearance, Judge Dickson informed Webb that because she knows all of the alleged victims in this case she will hand it off to another judge.

Dickson says, "There is no way I am going to try this case or have further proceedings where I have to see you for one further second."

After finishing the thought, Webb spit in her face. Dickson says additional charges for his conduct in court will follow.

After initially asking the court bailiff's to escort Web out of the courtroom, the judge changed her mind instead asking Webb back to the bench forcing him to watch him clean the spit from her face.

Webb will be back in court August 12th.

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