Back to school shopping in a depressed economy

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Back to school shopping days are running out for Central Kentcky families.

Some parents shopping with the children at Fayette Mall Friday told 27 NEWSFIRST they think the country is coming out of recession while others expressed concern that things could still get worse, but all agreed they were shopping for the best buys available.

With her three kids in tow, Amanda Moffett explained her shopping strategy, "We got some coupons in the mail from Macy's so we're going to start there, and then depending on how the children are holding up, we'll decide how many more stores to visit. We're good shoppers so we always look for the best buys."

Courageous dad Mike Stokely and his three daughters walked out of American Eagle Outfitters with bags of merchandise, but he admits, "We're not spending quite as much as we did last year. We're trying to just keep a watch over our budget and shop for sales a little bit more."

Lisa Justice brought her children to Fayette Mall from Richmond, saying, "We're looking for shoes today and uniforms. My daughter is going into middle school and they have to have uniforms. I think that may make shopping a little easier, but then she's gonna need other clothes also for other events so we'll really be buying double probably."

With the possibility of unemployment still a threat to many families, some are doing their back to school shopping at Goodwill where much of the used clothing is like new. "Especially the children's clothes", says Erin Gold, VP of Goodwill Industries of Kentucky. "That's because they grow out of it usually a lot faster that they wear their clothing out, so we have a lot of items here now, and business has been very good. It's all donated, and we have more donations at this time of year than any other."

And with great sales around, plenty of dollars are still going to those stores back at the mall, but everybody looks forward to the day when the depressed economy is behind us.

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