Oil spill in neighborhood still a mystery

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It's a mystery that has an entire neighborhood talking.

A strange, oily substance has appeared in several ponds in the Andover Forest neighborhood in Lexington. Now many are asking "why."

People living in the neighborhood first noticed something was wrong Thursday night.

Friday, crews worked to contain the oil, and figure out where it came from.

The city has determined the oil on the ponds came from a petroleum based product. Neighbors say they've been told it's diesel fuel.

But no one seems to know where the oil came from.

Officials say the city will cover the cost of cleaning up the oil from the ponds.

They also say the oil does not pose a risk to nearby drinking water.

City water officials say they've narrowed down a possible source of the spill and will continue their investigation. But they're asking anyone with information to come forward so this effort doesn't waste any additional unnecessary manpower or money.

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