Police say one motorcycle wreck causes another two miles down the same road

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Kentucky State Police say motorcycle accidents are common in Rowan County along highway 1274 near the Menifee County line.

Saying the bikers like the scenic drive and winding curves. Those same attractions can also be blamed for one fatal accident which in turn may have caused a second wreck.

A total of three people had to be airlifted to the hospital, all three were riding motorcycles.

Police say the first accident happened a car dropped off the right side of the road, over-corrected, crossing into oncoming traffic.

Two motorcyclists were unable to get out of the way, crashing into the car.

Police say one of the bikes actually flipped over the car.

Both motorcyclists were flown to the hospital where one person, 64 year old Bruce Miller from Grayson Kentucky was pronounced dead.

The driver and passenger of the car were conscious and alert but also taken to the hospital.

The wreck backed up traffic along 1274 for hours. As the back-up got worse some drivers chose to turn around, including a separate group of bikers.

Police say four motorcycles came around a tight curve on the road, only three would continue on.

State Troopers say a man nearly 80 year old lost control around a bend and collided with a rock wall.

He was also taken by helicopter to the hospital but police say he was taken with non-life threatening injuries.

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