North Laurel Players Suspended, Coaches Resign After Incident During Trip

The North Laurel High School basketball team was without four players and three assistant coaches for their game tonight and the police may be involved.
It stems from an incident during an away basketball trip last weekend.
The school won't say specifically what's behind the coach's resignations or the suspensions, but apparently while on the road last week some players played a joke on a teammate that crossed the line.
Several reports say while staying at a Northern Kentucky hotel, some players stripped a boy from his clothes and locked him out of his hotel room.
That's when the boy's teammates allegedly pulled out cell phones and took pictures.
Four players are now suspended from the school and could face expulsion for their actions.
The boy wasn't hurt.
The school continues to investigate the incident.
The players suspended have not been identified, but they head before the school board next week for an expulsion hearing.
The school has notified police about the incident to allow them to decide if any criminal charges should be filed.