Death Investigation Continues in Laurel County

A Southern Kentucky man is dead after an argument in Laurel County.
Police say 26 year old Joshua Lee Broughton was shot to death in the Keavy community Saturday night.
Police say it all started when Broughton's friend, Mark Martin, was searching for his girlfriend in the neighborhood.
Martin knocked on a number of doors and became frustrated at one residence where he believed she was at.
The homeowner insisted she was not there and Martin went to pick up Broughton.
The two then returned to the home, and Broughton went up to the door.
The homeowner told him to leave and police say that's when Broughton reached for something in his waistband.
The homeowner, a federal security guard, shot Broughton once in the chest, killing him.
Police say they aren't expecting charges against the homeowner at this time, but a grand jury will review the case.