Mansion fire stumps investigators

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There is a mystery brewing in Bourbon County after a mansion in North Middletown burns to the ground over the weekend.

Fire officials say it appears the fire took place sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning at the home on Levy Road. However, crews were not dispatched to the scene until the fire had essentially burned itself out Sunday afternoon.

The homeowners were reportedly away for the weekend. One of their sons made the discovery Sunday afternoon and called dispatchers wondering why no one had come to fight the fire. Apparently no one had called the fire in to dispatch.

The case has fire investigators stumped as they say a fire at a home this size would certainly be visible. They can't seem to figure out why it was never reported by a passerby.

Kentucky State Police and Bourbon County fire investigators are working together in hopes of finding out what caused the fire and whether or not any criminal activity was involved.

No other structures on the property were damaged in the fire.

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