911 Calls From Fatal Clark County Accident Released

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Dispatcher: "911 what's your emergency?"

Caller: " A vehicle just dove straight over the cliff."

From the first frantic calls about Thursday night's accident on Athens Boonsborough Road, it was clear this was a serious accident.

Caller: "There is somebody is injured."

Dispatcher: "Can you tell me what kind of injuries?"

Caller: "He's yelling and I don't think the other person is responding."

They were also told this rescue operation would not be easy.

Dispatcher: "Be advised deputy on the scene is advising it's way over the hill on a steep embankment. He does have two patients. He only has contact with one the other is possibly DOA."

As emergency workers had feared, the passenger did not survive the nearly 100 foot fall off the embankment.

Dispatcher: "10-4 copy. Cancel life-net."

Despite the steep terrain rescuers were able to pull the driver of the car, Richard Parsons, to safety.

Rescuer: "Just an update. Patient is packaged. We're bringing him up the hill at this time. I'll advise you when we're ready to transport."

Three hours after the first calls came in, 911 dispatchers received the last calls from the scene.

Rescuer: "EP3 is en route to Clark Regional. We have one male patient."

Shortly after Richard Parsons was released from Clark Regional Hospital, he was arrested by the Clark County Sheriff. He's charged with DUI and murder. Parsons appeared in court today on the murder charge. He pleaded not guilty in Clark District Court. He will be back in court next month.