Two Year Old "Doing Fine" After Being Locked In Hot Car

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A Whitley County mother is setting the record straight after being accused of neglecting her child.

Stephanie Barton says neighbors and others have been calling her a bad mom after her child was locked in a hot car. Rumors had been flying that the mother left the child in the car;however, the mom says that's not true.

The very active two year old actually got in the car and locked herself in. Barton had laid the child down from a nap, but she got up and went outside. Normally this would have been impossible but a house guest disabled the house's child safety latch.

The 2-year-old, along with the family dog became trapped in the car for ten minutes before they were discovered. The child had an elevated temperature and was disoriented shortly after the ordeal, but has since made a full recovery.

Barton says she is in no way a neglectful mom, she simply underestimated her child.

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