Flooding sweeps at least two vehicles off a bridge prompting water rescue

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A rain storm leaves a bridge in ruins and carries two SUVS down stream, leaving the drivers clinging to trees and another looking for his vehicle after flood waters sweep it away.

The damaged bridge will takes weeks to repair Leslie County officials say.

The rains that started last night and continued well into the morning caused flash floods and prompted the rescue of two people stranded in trees.

The driving rain and pitch black night made it difficult for drivers to notice the bridge was out, says Stinnett firefighter Justin Hoskins.

A silver Kentucky State Police SUV drove off the fallen bridge was carried nearly a block down the river before coming to a rest on it's side.

Another green SUV also fell off the bridge, collided with the KSP vehicle and remains in the river.

The drivers were able to escape somehow, and started calling for help in the early morning hours.

Hoskins heard the calls and was able to get a rope to the drivers pulling them to safey.

With the help of Kentucky State Police, Fish and Wildlife, The State Highway Department, a neighbor and a Leslie County Emergency director it took five hours to pull one man to safety.

He says the two were exhausted but otherwise unharmed.

During the sunny daylight hours Roger Hoskins combed the swollen banks of the river looking for his Suburban.

He says he was camping by the banks overnight when the water rose about three or four feet in 30 minutes time.

Hoskins says he pushed his door open, swam toward the shore, grabbed the tree, and pulled himself to safety.

He says he's alright except for the fact that he lost his SUV and everything that was inside the vehicle.

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